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CVS Health – Everything You Need To Know

CVS Health – Everything You Need To Know

As the leading health solutions provider in America, CVS Health delivers care unlike anyone else. And they do it with heart every day.

CVS Health USA

Who Are They?

As a healthcare company – CVS wants to make health better. They do so by partnering with millions of people, including customers, members, and their patients. Their presence in the community, along with their dedicated team and digital channels, has helped them to reach more and more people.

Because of this, they’ve been able to do many healthcare services throughout the country.

What Do They Do?

  1. Their Strategy

CVS has been solving many health issues in the country, including severe ones. Their strategy is to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. They want to provide healthcare that is more focused on the humans of America so that all their needs are fulfilled.

They want to give Americans what they deserve, changing the current healthcare strategy to a much simpler and better one.

For example, CVS now provides easy access to quality services and low prescription costs. Currently, CVS wants to focus more on solving all healthcare needs of the country’s people.

  1. Their People

With hundreds of thousands of team members across all 50 states and Puerto Rico, the CVS Health family lives their purpose and mission daily.

The folks working at CVS are now some caring, big-hearted people. They bring genuine compassion to every patient interaction. Even just a friendly chat can make someone’s whole day.

Plus, their diversity creates an environment where different perspectives come together. They know that embracing unique voices leads to robust solutions.

  1. Their Leadership

The experience and vision of CVS Health’s executive team provide the strategic direction for its success.

Leaders like President & CEO Karen Lynch work tirelessly to ensure the company stays true to its purpose of reinventing pharmacy to have a more active, supportive role in each person’s unique healthcare experience.

  1. Their Public Policy

As a healthcare company, CVS collaborates with state, local, and national policymakers. With their help, CVS works towards making health accessible by making low costs of prescriptions and other such things.

They aim to provide health services for those communities that have never had the opportunity before. They even educate people on issues like closing coverage gaps and the importance of preventive care.

CVS Health Mission – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

CVS has worked hard to build a diverse and inclusive team from different walks of life. And all those unique perspectives make them better at helping underserved patients and communities.

By making all voices feel welcomed and valued internally, they empower citizens to change externally.

At CVS Health, differences are cherished as opportunities to grow as individuals and as an organization.

  1. Local Community Impact

There are nearly 10,000 CVS pharmacies across the country now. Each new store means more neighborhoods have a health resource right nearby.

Having pharmacists right in the community makes staying healthy so much easier. And they offer way more than just medications.

Those friendly pharmacists provide preventative care, give health advice, and answer questions. Exactly what communities need.

  1. Digital Access to Affordable, Quality Care

CVS Health also provides affordable care through digital tools like virtual doctor visits. It opens access to those who need help to visit a physical pharmacy easily.

Features like Rx refill reminders, prescription cost comparisons, and Rx delivery simplifies managing healthcare, regardless of location.

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