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CVS ExtraCare Membership

CVS ExtraCare Membership

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In a world where saving money matters, savvy shoppers always look for ways to maximize their savings. One excellent option is the CVS ExtraCare program. It is like a club offered by CVS Pharmacy.

It rewards people for shopping there. There are many good things about being a member, like getting special discounts and free rewards. Joining the club is easy, and it’s free.

Shop at CVS with an Extracare membership and save 2% money for every purchase. And take the CVS health survey to enter a $1000 sweepstakes.

CVS Extracare benefits

Getting Started with CVS ExtraCare

Becoming an ExtraCare member is simple and costs nothing. You can quickly sign up online using the CVS/pharmacy mobile app or a CVS/pharmacy store.

You’ll get a special card with a unique number when you join. This number helps you get all the good deals.

The Good Stuff You Get

The best part of the ExtraCare program is that it helps you save money in two ways: with ExtraSavings and ExtraBucks Rewards.

ExtraSavings are like special coupons and instant discounts that you get. These deals are made just for you, based on the things you like to buy.

  • Then there’s ExtraBucks Rewards. This is like CVS giving you a present for being a good customer.
  • You earn these rewards when you buy things from CVS.
  • The more you shop, the more tips you get. You can use these rewards to buy more things later.

Things to Remember

  • To get the discounts and rewards, you have to show your ExtraCare card.
  • Some things, like alcohol, prescriptions, gift cards, and certain items, don’t count for these benefits.
  • It’s essential to read the rules to know what’s included.
  • You need to spend at least $50 on things that qualify during a specific time to get ExtraBucks Rewards.
  • Spending that much to get rewards for that time would be best.
  • You also have to use your bonuses within 45 days of earning them.

Getting the Best Deals

To get even more good deals, you can sign up for emails from ExtraCare. These emails have special offers that you can use in the store. You can get these emails when you sign up for the program.

What’s Ahead

Remember that CVS Pharmacy might change or stop the ExtraCare program. Knowing about any changes is important, so keep an eye out for updates.

To Sum Up

Being part of CVS ExtraCare isn’t just about being in a club – it’s about saving money and getting rewards. Whether you go to CVS a lot or a little, joining ExtraCare means getting special discounts, tips, and special offers. It’s a smart way to shop and save money. So, why wait? Sign up today to start saving at CVS Pharmacy.


How do I update my preferences for ExtraSavings?

You can update your preferences by logging into your ExtraCare account on the CVS/pharmacy mobile app or the CVS website. You can customize your preferences to receive offers and discounts matching your shopping habits.

Can I use my ExtraBucks Rewards online?

You can use your ExtraBucks Rewards on the CVS website for online purchases. During the checkout process, you’ll have the option to apply your rewards to your order.

What happens if I forget my ExtraCare card?

If you forget your ExtraCare card, you can provide the phone number associated with your account at the store’s checkout to receive your ExtraSavings still and earn rewards.

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