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CVS Social Responsibility Approach

CVS Social Responsibility Approach

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CVS aims to create a positive change through its social responsibility approach. It’s not just talk – they’re taking meaningful action.

They want to start eco-friendly practices for our planet to reduce the healthcare industry’s environmental impact. They want to do so by providing low-cost healthcare services and prescription-saving programs. Their main aim is to eliminate all practices against their social responsibility approach.

Through their same policy, they want to focus on more social factors in the healthcare industry that affect the people.

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How Is CVS Helping?

CVS believes that every segment needs to focus on its social responsibility regarding healthcare. It is what will help them to make business decisions and create an impact in the world.

In CVS’s 2030 healthcare plan, they speak about how they want to change the future of the healthcare industry by making it more sustainable and affordable for all. They want to create an impact on society as well as the environment.

They pursue not just profits but purpose – working to engender fairness, ecological well-being, and humane treatment of all people. It involves actually doing some action and not just saying it.

CVS intends to be agents of positive change, not passive observers. They will measure themselves not by earnings alone but by the social value created.

By using social responsibility in their daily healthcare routines, CVS can change healthcare from a transaction-based segment to a more meaningful area. Their primary mission regarding their social responsibility approach is to care for their customers, communities, and the planet.

The social responsibility success of the company will mainly come from CVS’ ability to provide quality services and affordable care for every individual in the community. And it is conducting Business in a way that lifts people and the planet. It is the new paradigm CVS embraces.

CVS Pharmacy Healthcare Pillars

There are four healthy pillars that CVS focuses on. These include:

  • Health of the People

CVS creates a sustainable and affordable healthcare service for every individual. They want to do so by removing any barriers that come along their way that are not sustainable for the citizens.

They want to ensure that every individual in the community gets equitable care regardless of the circumstances. Hence, this also includes making their services more inclusive and accessible.

  • Health of the Community

To ensure that people’s health is taken care of, CVS also ensures that the community is healthy. Time and again, CVS has provided to improve public health and well-being in areas they are situated in.

  • Health of the Earth

For a sustainable future, CVS works to reduce as much ecological harm as possible in society. They have even created an impact on the environment that has, in turn, helped all the citizens in the community.

  • The health of their Business

Besides ensuring the health of the people, community, and the Earth, CVS also wants to create good diversity in its workspace.

CVS states that the workforce, leadership, and partnership reflect how they serve the community. They have a high ethical standard and code of conduct that they believe they must follow.

The main aim for health in their Business is to ensure the environment people work in is environmentally friendly and has responsible practices.


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