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CVS Return Policy

CVS Return Policy

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 Returning products can sometimes be complicated, especially when dealing with a diverse range of items like those offered by CVS Pharmacy.

To make your experience hassle-free, break down the CVS return policy into ten crucial points to help you quickly navigate the process.

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Return Timeframe: 60 Days for Most Items

CVS grants you a generous 60-day window from the date of purchase to initiate a return or exchange for most non-prescription products.

You can receive a refund or exchange for eligible items during this timeframe, with the refunded amount credited to your original payment method.

No Exceptions to the 60-Day Rule

It’s important to note that CVS strictly adheres to the 60-day return period for all eligible non-prescription products. This policy does not entertain exceptions, making it consistent and straightforward.

Items Not Eligible for Return

Certain items fall outside the realm of returns due to specific reasons. This category includes gift cards and prepaid cards such as:

  • Visa gift cards
  • Phone cards
  • Select healthcare products
  • Personal care items like feminine hygiene and pregnancy tests
  • Prescriptions purchased online
  • Special-order items like footwear, motorized scooters, and lift chairs.

Receipts Simplify the Process

While holding onto your purchase receipt is advisable, CVS accommodates returns without a permit. Unopened items without a license can be exchanged or refunded through store credit.

Remember that CVS monitors receipt-less returns and might require a valid photo ID to prevent misuse.

Handling Opened or Used Items

Although returning items in an unopened and unused condition is recommended, CVS does entertain returning opened or used items under certain circumstances.

Faulty products are valid reasons for return, regardless of whether the item has been opened or used.

Prescription Item Returns

The policy for returning prescription items varies and needs to be clearly defined on the website. It’s advisable to contact CVS directly at 1-888-607-4287 to discuss returns involving prescription medications.

Enjoy a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

A notable feature is a 100% money-back guarantee that covers beauty items. Whether used or unused, you can return beauty items within 60 days for a full refund, offering a risk-free avenue to explore new products.

Food Returns: Manager’s Discretion

The return policy for food or dairy products needs more clarity. The decision to accept returns, whether opened or unopened, is at the discretion of the store manager. Generally, non-perishable items with an unopened seal and a receipt are more likely to be accepted.

CVS Pharmacy Brand Product Returns

Products under the CVS Pharmacy Brand carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Within 60 days, you can return these items, whether opened or unopened, and receive a full refund.

Ensure you retain your receipt, and if needed, you can arrange mail-in returns by calling 1-888-607-4CVS.

Returning Online Purchases

Products purchased from can be returned either to any physical CVS store or through the mail. To ensure proper credit, customers should call 1-888-607-4CVS before proceeding with a mail-in return.

PayPal Purchases: Store Credit or Refund

For items purchased online using PayPal, the refund process differs. Upon return, you’ll receive store credit. To get the refund back to your PayPal account, contact CVS at 1-888-607-4287.


You can navigate returns and exchanges confidently by acquainting yourself with these ten essential aspects of the CVS return policy: a. While the policy serves as a guideline, keep in mind that store managers may exercise discretion in specific cases.

Always keep your receipts accessible, and don’t hesitate to contact CVS’s customer care for personalized assistance.

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